Yes, Jim Comey: The Police Already Showed Up At My Polling Place In Pennsylvania

James Comey

You can’t make this stuff up. Here is this headline from over there at Mediaite:

Comey Says Local Law Enforcement ‘Will and Should Ignore’ Any Trump Order to Go to Polling Places: ‘Sends a Chill Through All of Us’

The story about this latest craziness from the disgraced former FBI Director said this:

“Former FBI Director James Comey slammed President Donald Trump Tuesday over his comments on mail-in voting.

(CNN’s Anderson) Cooper asked Comey about the president’s attacks on mail-in voting and specifically his recent comments talking about sending law enforcement to polling places.

…Regarding the comments about law enforcement, Comey said that Trump ‘has no power over state or local law enforcement and so they should and they will ignore a suggestion like that.’

“I suppose he could try something at the federal level. I can’t imagine how a federal agency would abide such a direction,” he continued. ‘But look, it sends a chill through all of us because that’s a.reminder of some days in America we thought we’d left behind.’”

Comey is surely correct about any presidential order instructing local law enforcement. But the idea that the presence of local police at a polling place “sends a chill through all of us because that’s a.reminder of some days in America we thought we’d left behind.”

Really, Mr. Director?

Then how exactly is it that in the June primary in Pennsylvania, police – for the first time in my long history of voting in my precinct – showed up in two quite conspicuous marked police cars? They arrived as I was arriving – in person, no mail-in-ballot – to vote. The voting was held in a local high school gymnasium. Two uniformed officers from the local police department entered just before me and then walked a bit to the side of the gym and stood post – watching.


June, recall, was the middle of the riots sweeping American cities. There had in fact been some turmoil right across the Susquehanna River in downtown Harrisburg. There had been no problems in this Harrisburg suburb where I voted, but clearly there were in fact stories out there of Antifa spreading into the Harrisburg suburbs, and under the circumstances, it seemed that voting locations could be a logical target for those intent on violence.

So there stood not one but two uniformed policemen, watching people like me enter the gym, sign in and then go to a voting machine to cast our ballots.  All was well.

There were no complaints about “a chill” going through voters because of the police presence, no complaints that the two police officers were somehow a reminder of the days of Jim Crow when Democrats running local law enforcement in the South went out of their way to use it to physically intimidate black voters to keep them from voting.

In other words? What James Comey is talking about is the sheerest of nonsense – and it has in fact already been done.

And democracy still lives.

Oh well, just another day in the craziness that is the hysterical Left – this time personified by a man who once wielded the immense power of the FBI.

Imagine that.

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