Remember When Trump Accused Kerry of Violating the Logan Act? Uh-Oh

Astonished Republican Senators are abruptly calling for Kerry to be investigated if not fired by Biden outright

Donald Trump

Ya can’t make it up. Here – right here – is then-President Trump accusing then-former Secretary of State John Kerry of violating the Logan Act:

The Logan Act, to remind, was passed in the long-ago dawn of the Republic in 1799 – when John Adams was busy being the second President of the United States! To crib from Wikipedia, the Logan Act “criminalizes negotiation by unauthorized American citizens with foreign governments having a dispute with the United States. The intent behind the Act is to prevent unauthorized negotiations from undermining the government’s position.” Violation of the Logan Act is a felony.

The Logan Act has been rarely used in American history. Yet it was in the news not that long ago that Democrats were demanding the Logan Act be invoked against then-President-elect Trump’s incoming national security adviser General Michael Flynn.

Recall that the accusation against Flynn revolved around his conversation with the Russian Ambassador – a conversation well within his rights as he was the named if not yet installed National Security adviser to the incoming president. There was nothing in the least wrong, much less illegal, about this. Way back in 1976, then ex-Georgia Governor Jimmy Carter, then the new Democratic presidential nominee, dispatched the longtime statesman and Democrat, Ambassador Averill Harriman, to the Soviet Union for talks with President Leonid Brezhnev. No one blinked.

But in 2017, 17 House Democrats on the Oversight and Government Reform committee demanded that because General Flynn “secretly discussed with the Russian ambassador, in possible violation of the Logan Act, sanctions imposed by President Obama” Flynn should be investigated and prosecuted.

In 2020, declassified documents revealed that in January of 2017 then-outgoing Vice President Joe Biden suggested in an Oval Office meeting with President Obama that Flynn be prosecuted. It didn’t happen. Flynn, take note, was later prosecuted for making false statements to the FBI.

Now? Now here comes the validation that what President Trump was discussing about John Kerry in 2018 was in fact correct. Kerry, per the leaked tapes out of Iran, was indeed having conversations with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif. He is, with specificity, said by Zarif to have told the Iranian about “over 200 covert Israeli attacks on Iranian interests in Syria.” 

Astonished Republican Senators are abruptly calling for Kerry to be investigated if not fired by Biden outright.

All of which is to remind that, yes again, then-President Trump was 100% right about Kerry in 2018.


  1. John Kerry has been a liar his entire career, I would say he is a TRAITOR. He has a past that people should remember what he did in Viet Nam. He lied about what our own military and he got a “fake” injury to maje it seem real. He is not someone who could ever be trusted, as this has been allowed because the DEMORATS always get a pass. He violated the LOGAN ACT more than once and is still allowed to get away with his LIES.

    • He had someone shoot him in the behind, a grazing shot mind you.
      But okay, he was shot in Vietnam.
      What a sissy.
      While thousands of brave and SCARED, young men and women served, no questions asked.

  2. I AM GETTING TIRED TELLING YALL THE Democrat is a bunch of criminals,
    when it comes to their own they do nothing to correct or remove them from
    office. Mr.KERRY knows he has violates the logan act, would he do the right thing as step said
    no because he has no respect. And not one democrat as the balls to tell him to his face to step down.
    I will never ever support a democrat again.

  3. John F’n Kerry has always been an ignorant slimeball. Based on many many broadcasts, he is really an idiot who knows nothing at all. I cannot believe he is still in a position to do damage to America.

  4. Yes, Trump was correct, and Trump was the Chief Executive of the United States at the time, fully empowered and legally required to enforce the laws of the United States. And he did nothing. Kerry, Obama, Brennan, Strzok, Page, Comey and a long list of others committing treason against the United States, and the “Champion of the Constitution” that we elected, prayed for, supported, encouraged …. did NOTHING. What good is being right when the criminals enjoy impunity?

    • The Problem is that the democrats run everything they run the CIA the FBI the Courts including the Supreme Court and everyone is afraid of them just think about it President Trump really didn’t have the Power to remove any of them we are told that the President holds all the Power but they impeached Trump using A lie and they Stole the 2020 Election just to get rid of him and if he runs again in 4 year’s I hope he wins but do You think the dems would allow him to win No Way

  5. I find it appaling that John Kerry can openly violate the law and nothing had been done about it. It’s not that nothing can’t be done, it’s that nothing has been done. Anyone who thinks that the Dems who are in control will ever indictment John Kerry is sadly mistaken. There is no statute of limitation on a felony involving the Logan Act. So, if the the Republicans take back the House and Senate in 2022, then the Republicans can see that indictments are filed. Then, and only then, will justice ever be served.

  6. Civil war whether implied or consented to is happening
    Biden has divided our nation not over color but of a ideology of the color of your skin. Wr make our own way in this world, politicians use the race card for votes. Yes we need officers to have better training but not bc they pick on black ppl but feel superior to all races. It just never makes the paper when were white and killed beat or neglected by cops. Reunite against politicians gey one who will stand up to them like trump who cares if you like him he was doing a awesome job for AMERICANS of all colors Biden hasn’t done anything except turn us upside down please rethink and help

  7. When will people learn, no matter how Trump handled some situations, he cared for the American People and he was for the Truth.
    Sure, he said things to those who were going after him, he always said that he was a Man, that doesn’t strike first but he will be the guy who strikes back. You would too, if it was you and your family going through the whole 4years of what the Dems were doing to him and the American People. So you got your feelings hurt, now you have to deal with the other side of the coin. Democratic’s are going to destroy America. They need Kerry to get the intel and after they use it for their own destruction, they will toss him out like yesterday, to keep their hands on the button. Why in the world, do people not see what’s going on?

  8. He believes his is above everybody. He should be investigated with a fine tooth comb regarding the Logan act

  9. Trump was right about everything FBI doj NSA cdc CIA are all corrupt the media outlets and big text companies are corrupt we have become communist socialist culture our government agency have been taking over China will be running us Biden is not running the country the only good news is that their will be no more protest remember Tiananmen square we are no longer a democracy in need to wake up no one is coming to save America stop fighting each other we need each other

  10. All those missing $funds he cant account for and does not where they are? Lets peek in his accounts, oh hell, open them wide up!!!!

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